Back in the day, a novel idea in the history of car safety development was to create a “safety chamber” under the automobile’s dashboard, surrounded by a steel bulkhead, that the car’s driver could dive into before an unavoidable automobile collision.

This was also deemed impractical, because in the case of a frontal impact car accident, there would be a chance that the car’s driver could just be crushed between the steel bulkhead and the car’s chair.

Our car accident lawyers think that these ideas are very creative, but not very practical.  There are still ways that you can experience a serious personal injury or wrongful death, even with inventions like these.  While they probably worked well for their time, who knows what design defects they would have today?

On another note, if there was not enough time for the automobile driver to move the car away from the incoming  automobile (hence, an unavoidable car accident), there would also not be enough time to unbuckle the seat belt and then dive into the tiny space between the automobile’s seat and the gas pedal.

One development that seemed to work in the past, which is highly impractical today, was the car scooper.  This car scooper was designed to protect people walking in the event of a pedestrian accidents, not the automobile’s passengers.  The nose of the car was shaped like a scooper, much like that of  today’s bulldozer, and unwitting pedestrians that would normally be injured in a car accident were instead safely scooped up and dropped off at wherever the car driver stopped after the car accident.

Back then, this was practical because in the 1950s maximum car speeds were nowhere close to the speeds of today.  If this was installed in today’s cars, in the event of an automobile accident, the pedestrian would instead first have his legs broken, not to mention other injuries, and then smashed against the car.

For now, our firm’s experienced car accident lawyers urge you to research which cars are the safest, as well as purchasing the best car insurance policy that you can afford.  Until a technology is invented that prevents car accidents entirely, stick with those suggestions.

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