“It’s hard because everyone’s addicted to their cellphone.  That’s where we come in.  We put a real, human face to it.  We’re going to put pressure on legislatures.”

That’s what the president of FocusDriven — a federal organization whose goal is fighting driver cellphone use — said in response to a study released by the National Safety Council that revealed 28 percent of car accidents are caused by people who sent text messages while driving.

Our car accident lawyers don’t need to remind you how complicated driving already is when you’re completely focused on driving.  When you do things that can distract you, car accidents are more possible, making personal injuries or wrongful death happen easier as well.

When you’re driving on the road and you either have a new text message or email, there’s no need to check it right away … especially if you can hurt someone else in the process.  Wait until you get to your destination before you check that message.  No message is THAT important.

Some people think that by simply using a hands-free device that they’ll still be able to drive perfectly.  More than 120 studies of cellphone use, however, say using hands-free devices don’t change the possibility of getting into a car accident caused by a phone call.  The majority of car accidents (about 1.4 million every year) are caused by cell phone conversations and about 200,000 more are caused by text messaging.

Trying to get legislation for a texting ban has been tricky in some cases.  Texting bans exist in 19 states and the District of Columbia.  The laws in four other states (New York, Virginia, Louisiana and Washington), however, require an officer to have another reason — in addition to texting — to pull over a car.

Some states have slightly weaker laws.  In Maryland, drivers can’t send text messages, but drivers can read them or enter phone numbers in cellphones.  In Virginia, if you can get away with dialing a phone number or using a GPS device on your cellphone.

No matter what you may be using your cellphone for, our car accident lawyers believe there is no reason for you to be using it while driving.  If you get a text message or a phone call, wait until you get to your destination and return the call or text.  If you need directions, try to get them before you turn the key.  Do everything you can while the car is stopped so you have no reason to use your cellphone while you’re on the road.

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