On Tuesday night, three pedestrians were injured on the Pacific Coast Highway near Witherby Street near the Marine Corps Reserve Depot (MCRD).  According to police, a white sport-utility vehicle got into a rear-end car accident with a Honda causing the Honda to sway out of control and crash into a bus stop bench at about 6:30 p.m.

Our pedestrian accident attorneys want to use this blog to remind you that traffic causes the unexpected to happen.  You may be like the people waiting at the bus stop: minding your own business thinking everything’s fine.  Next thing you know, you’re confronted with a large object spinning out of control at high speeds.

Two off-duty civilian employees of MCRD were sitting on the bench waiting for their ride home when the pedestrian accident happened and were taken to the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) medical center for minor injuries.  The driver of the Honda, however, suffered serious head injuries.

Police have expressed doubts about the SUV driver’s account of the pedestrian accident.

“The driver of the SUV told us he was rear-ended, but we don’t believe that was the case,” said a San Diego Police Lieutenant.”There’s no evidence he was contacted from behind by any car and we believe that car was responsible for the accident.”

Regardless of who or what caused the pedestrian accident, our pedestrian accident attorneys believe that if you are walking down the street or waiting for your trusty ride home, you need to always be mindful of what is going on around you.  Pedestrians are constantly innocent bystanders if the drivers of cars, trucks or motorcycles lose control and crash.

If you notice something could potentially cause injury or wrongful death, do what you can to avoid it.  It might save someone’s life.

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