Although it has been said that moderate drinking may help protect against some chronic diseases, 3.8% of yearly wrongful deaths worldwide are attributed to the consumption of alcohol.  Often times the drunk driver walks away from the car accident unharmed, and yet innocent bystanders suffer debilitating personal injuries such as whiplash, traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries.As wrongful death attorneys, we know that the easiest way to prevent DUI is to educate people to make better decisions.  There are many ways to combat this problem.  Simply having a designated driver saves people from car accidents.

Each year, there are hundreds of thousands of car accidents, but car accidents caused by drunk drivers (DUI) cause perhaps the most tragedy and ultimately the most grief as they could have been prevented.  As wrongful death lawyers, we believe that there is absolutely no reason that anyone should drive a car after drinking.  Making the wrong decision to drive after drinking can have serious consequences which can result in the personal injury or even wrongful death of a loved one or you.

Drawing on dozens of studies of alcohol’s relationship to early death and disability — negative and positive — Juergen Rehm, PhD, of the Center for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, and colleagues calculated that 3.8% of global wrongful deaths can be attributed to drinking.  Even in underdeveloped countries where the number of cars are only a handful, drunk driving can cause auto accidents, pedestrian accidents, motorcycle accidents and serious personal injury to anyone in the path of a drunk driver.

The good news is that researchers believe that such measures as high taxation, strict enforcement of drunk-driving laws, limiting alcohol availability, banning advertising, and providing help for hazardous drinking are known to reduce the harm associated with alcohol.  The other good news is that recent statistics show that car accidents caused by drunk drivers have declined.

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