It’s a whirlwind after a crash in San Diego, but you can help yourself by making sure you gather the right evidence at the scene. Staying calm and grabbing what you need on your phone can help you stay organized if you ultimately need to meet with an attorney about a personal injury claim.

After a crash in San Diego, make sure to alert the authorities so that you can file a police report. This evidence may become important down the road, but it’s a good idea to get a police report for your own reference as well as your insurance, too.

#1: Photos of Damage

If your vehicle was severely damaged, make sure you take photos of that damage. While the insurance adjuster will also check what happened, you want to have your own pictures. If your car is fixed quickly, for example, you want to have a record of what it looked like before.

#2: Photos of the Scene

Make sure you get pictures of where the accident happened. This will help with accident reconstruction or just painting the picture.

#3: Details from the Other Driver

You should get his or her contact information for insurance purposes. You might also want to snap some photos of the scene with the other driver’s car in it. This could become important down the road if the vehicle damage helps to tell the story of how the accident had to have happened.

#4: Names of Witnesses

Did anyone see the accident? If so, you should talk to them and gather their contact details. It could be important after a crash in San Diego if you decide to file a personal injury claim.

#5: Details on Your Injuries

How do you look and feel after the accident? Your medical records will tell the long-term story, but documenting your injuries as soon as possible is recommended because you’re the most likely to remember things when you document it right away.