Most of us would probably like to achieve a world-record at some point in our lifetime, just to say that we made an impact and changed history in ways that had never been seen before.  Of course, on the other hand, there are those of us who shatter records purely out of ignorance and often putting others at risk while they do so.

Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) levels are what’s used to measure the amount of alcohol someone has running in their bloodstream.  Police use them on suspected drunk-drivers who tend to read out at a level of 0.08 to 0.3, depending on the legal limit of the state.  But no matter what state you live in, driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol with a BAC of .708 is a record in and of itself, albeit a dangerous and reckless one.

That’s exactly what happened to one woman, 45, of Sturgis, South Dakota.  If only she had any memory of making her history mark; she claims that she doesn’t have the foggiest clue of how the event went down.

The San Diego car accident lawyers at our firm know that if this woman could actually remember her drunk-driving incident, she would probably have made different choices.  Who wouldn’t?  But no, she missed her court date for the original record-breaking, not to mention lethal, DUI only to be caught behind the wheel and under the influence again a few days later (this time with a BAC of .281).  Amazing luck is on her side, though, with no car accidents happening or wrongful deaths occurring because of her actions.

According to state police, the woman was found asleep in a stolen car on her .708 drunk-driving incident, but she has no memory of when police found her in a stolen delivery truck parked on the side of Interstate-90.  Her lawyer also says that the second incident — when she was caught with alcohol and illegal drugs — is also lost somewhere in her subconscious.  But that said, she has pleaded guilty in the 4th Circuit Magistrate Court to both DUI counts.

The woman is currently being held at the Meade County Jail without bail and could face up to two years jail time, along with at least $1000 in fines for her reckless driving instances.  Some records give you pride and a cash prize;  all she will receive is the long arm of the law and a re-education in how preventable DUI accidents really are.  Then again, hopefully she won’t forget what she learned when she gets out of prison and hits the roads yet again.

Our firm’s experienced car accident lawyers in San Diego wish you all the best in your record breaking lifestyle, however, when it concerns a high blood alcohol level and drunk driving, do us all a favor and let this woman’s record serve as a cautionary tale.  No one should drink and drive, because the only record that you will get is a criminal one.

What are you thoughts on this story?  Do you know of any other high BAC incidents that ended worse?  What do you do if you see a drunk-driver on the road?

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