Senior citizens have much more driving experience than the average motor vehicle driver.  Some have been driving a car for 50 years or more without a single automobile accident.   Unfortunately, some members of our society are prejudiced against senior citizens.

Just because the Department of Motor Vehicles says one can have a driver’s license does not mean one should drive a car at anytime.  For example, some people have night vision problems, making nighttime driving very difficult. 

In our experience, unfortunately, some of the car accidents with senior drivers involve an unexpected health problem (e.g., a heart attack).  Our car accident attorneys believe that people should be realistic with their ability to safely operate an automobile.

Obviously, like other prejudices, this is completely unwarranted.  For example, let us not forget that teenage drunk drivers (DUI) are also the cause of many terrible car accidents as well as just about every age group in our population.

So, our car accident lawyers strongly believe family members and seniors must be realistic and know themselves.  If one is not feeling well, perhaps consider arranging for public transportation or asking for rides from relatives and friends.

Nobody wants to spend their golden years trying to find help to pay for medical bills from a car accident that did not need to happen.

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