A recent AAA study found that eighty percent of drivers admit that they have engaged in aggressive driving behavior. Drivers between the ages of 19 and 39 and men are more likely to engage in aggressive driving behavior, according to the study.

The study identified that more than 8 million drivers around the country participated in some kind of road rage, whether it was getting out of a car and confronting another driver or ramming into another vehicle entirely. This can risk the life of the driver as well as anyone else inside the car and can turn an unfortunate incident into a devastating one.

AAA recommends that it is best to avoid aggressive driving behavior and to keep an aggressive driving behavior situation from escalating by refusing to continue talking with the person. Call 911 if you do not feel safe. Not forcing other drivers to change their direction or their speed is a great way to avoid aggressive driving on your own as this can be tied to devastating accidents, many of which are completely preventable. For more information, see What Should You Do When Confronted with an Aggressive Driver?

If you were involved in an accident that was made worse by an aggressive driver or because another person was involved in aggressive driving actions at the time of the incident, you need the support of a dedicated attorney who has been practicing in this field or many years to assist you with putting together a personal injury claim to recover maximum compensation for you and your loved ones.