Stores like CVS and Wal-Mart are offering alternatives to doctors’ offices and hospital emergency rooms — a more convenient way for people to get medical care.  These more convenient walk-in clinics can lack extra care for more serious personal injuries, though.

Our firm’s personal injury lawyers in San Diego view these new walk-in clinics as a way for people to get basic medical treatment such as antibiotics with a low cost of medical bills, but for other serious personal injuries, a more personalized and experienced hospital clinic should be used.

With the amount of uninsured Americans, these clinics do have their place in helping people get treatments for the common cold or other easily treatable conditions, but these clinics cannot handle more serious personal injuries from events like car accidents that lead to complex and painful physical disabilities.

Hospitals are now affiliating themselves with these clinics.  The Cleveland Clinic lent its name and services to some CVS clinics in northeastern Ohio.  The Mayo Clinic has followed as well by operating an Express Care clinic at a supermarket in Rochester, Minnesota.

Our San Diego personal injury lawyers believe that the high cost of medical bills has forced Americans to rethink how they get treated for bodily pain and suffering or common sicknesses.  However, we recommend an experienced doctor for more serious personal injuries to get the proper care they need.

They say that as long as you have got your health, then everything else is small potatoes.  Well, we say make sure that your health and that of your family is given the best so that you can live long, happy lives.

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