Wayne State University School of Medicine in Michigan has released their findings regarding the outcome of grafting adult stem cells onto spinal cord injuries in an effort to repair nerve connections.

According to the specifics of the study, 20 injured persons who suffered from severe chronic spinal cord injuries underwent partial scar removal before receiving a transplant of nasal tissue containing stem cells to the damaged part of their spinal cord.

Our firm’s paralysis attorneys know that modern medicine and technology are making steps everyday towards finding a cure for paralysis.  The current paralysis treatments are effective, but do not completely solve the physical condition of being immobile.  All of the injured persons involved in the study had paraplegia, with no movement below their waist before undergoing treatment for their spinal cord injury.  As of today, there is no definitive cure for those living with spinal cord injuries, just paralysis treatments such as fitness, arts and creativity, and sports.

Associate Professor of the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology that conducted the study described that the probability of a body rejecting the stem cell graft would be low because it was using the injured person’s own stem cells.  This would also greatly reduce risk of disease and tumor formations in the patients.

The stem-like progenitor cells found in the nose are unique in that they normally form new neurons more rapidly than cells from any other location on the human nervous system.

Your brain, your bone marrow, and your fat — they all contain stem cells, but the only useable tissue that can be easy retained with little to no surgery comes from the nose, commonly called “olfactory mucosa.”  Just a few of these adult stems cells can grow other cells that develop into hearts, livers, or in this case, spinal cords.  That means that stem cells such as these can basically be cultivated and designed into any body part that is required for replacement on an injured person.  Think of the possibilities for paralysis and spinal cord injury recovery treatments.

While our paralysis attorneys do not take an ethical stance on the issue of prenatal stem cell use and are fine with research on mature stem cells, we do see research endeavors such as this as a sign that doctors and scientists are making progress to finding a cure for paralysis.

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