Prominent physicians and researchers urged professional medical groups to stray away from industry support and move toward a complete ban on corporate money.  The reported suggestion could stand to save money on the medical bills of patients.

There is something strange about the idea of our healthcare system getting money from outside sources.  If you get into a car accident, you always have to wonder who is really treating you: the doctor trying to get you better or the insurance company trying to make money.

Our firm’s experienced San Diego personal injury lawyers know that you have many questions about what is going to happen with you, your medical treatment, and your insurance after a crash happens.  You might be asking yourself:

  • Are you really getting the care you need after your car crash?
  • Does the car insurance company have its own agenda?

A recommendation was made for medical associations to have stricter guidelines in relation to conflict-of-interest with doctors and those that provide them with something.  This is the same conflict-of-interest charging unnecessary medical bills for car accident patients that do not need them.  The same report asked to bar members with financial ties from serving in leadership positions and on certain influential committees within the association.

A former president of the American College of Cardiology supports a “zero dollar” policy where medical associations would not take any money from the industry.  Those proposals, however, could deprive the community of the knowledge of some of its most experienced doctors who are involved in industry-financed research.

Our personal injury lawyers in San Diego are discouraged about the idea of the medical system being in collusion with corporate business.  The marriage of healthcare and big business stands to drive up the costs of medical bills for patients, not helping to alleviate their pain and suffering, but only add to it.

The day will eventually come when a line is drawn that this type of business cannot happen.  If doctors are only allowed one opinion when they diagnose, it should be an unbiased one.

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