Sometimes, alcoholism can be easily detected because the symptoms of alcoholism are easy to spot.  A new book introduces a different type of alcoholic that is more productive but just as dangerous and just as likely to cause a car accident.

Alcohol abuse or alcoholism occurs in one out of every five people, and our San Diego car accident attorneys deal with clients daily who have suffered personal injury in a DUI car crash.

In the book “Understanding the High-Functioning Alcoholic,” the author makes people aware of the high-functioning alcoholic.  These are alcoholics that are able to maintain respectable lives, families, friends and good jobs.  Based on surveys and professional experience, she says at least half of alcoholics are high-functioning alcoholics.

Putting constructive words in front of a term like alcoholic does not change the perception of alcoholism.  No matter how you say it, alcoholism can cause personal injury to the alcoholic as well as others if a drunk-driving accident  happens (i.e. other drivers,).

Many celebrities have admitted to their trouble with alcohol.  Some that the author list are Betty Ford, actresses Elizabeth Taylor and Mary Tyler Moore and actor Robin Williams.  There are millions of others and people in positions of power are the hardest to detect because they have good jobs and do regular tasks without getting into legal problems.

Alcoholism is a disease that does not cause problems for just the alcoholic.  Anyone driving under the influence of alcohol creates a dangerous situation for other drivers on the road.  If you are having a difficulty with an alcohol problem, Alcoholics Anonymous is a great program to help you fight your disease before a DUI car crash happens.

Our firm’s San Diego car accident lawyers want to encourage people with problems dealing with alcoholism to get the help they need because there are so many ways we can prevent driving under the influence.

No matter how well you think you are functioning, alcohol affects people in more ways than you think.

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