A ban for texting while driving exists in about 22 states in the country, but some of those same states also offer drivers to real-time traffic information via Twitter.

It sounds like a good idea in theory, using a social media website to deliver real-time traffic updates.  Unfortunately, this idea could led to the possibility of more car accidents caused by distracted drivers.

Distracted drivers are a top cause of auto accidents, so why would Twitter be sending text messages to drivers?

Our car accident lawyers do see the practical use for such a service, but many people have iPhones or some other phone that has internet browsing.  If those same people use this Twitter service on their phones while they’re driving, the lack of focus on the road could end up being reported on by this Twitter service.

“You shouldn’t be fiddling around with any kind of electronic gadget in your car while driving,” said Minnesota state Representative.

California is one of the states offering traffic updates via Twitter, but could Twitter feeds like this cause car accidents that result in injuries like whiplash or traumatic brain injuries which you will need help paying the medical bills for.

Transportation officials claim they aren’t promoting the use of this service on the roads.  They say drivers should use the service before they get on the road and alter their route accordingly.

Some drivers may not take that advice, and the results could cause potential car accidents.  The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute discovered when truck drivers texted while driving, the risk of semi-truck accidents increased 23 times.

Our car accident attorneys support any idea that informs drivers about potential road hazards.  However, offering that information in a way that compromises driving shouldn’t be seen as a good idea — especially if it leads to a car accident.

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