Did you know that every hour someone in the United States injures their spinal cord?  Our firm’s San Diego spinal cord injury attorneys know how significant a spinal cord injury is, especially if it turns out you are paralyzed.

That why we are highlighting some helpful tips about preventing spinal cord injuries depending on age, as recommended by the Walton Rehabilitation Health System’s Spinal Cord Injury Services and Health News Digest.

Several tips on how to avoid spinal cord injuries, for the young and old.

Spinal cord injuries can be prevented in different ways, depending on how old you happen to be.

Whether it involves getting in a traffic accident or being involved in a slip and fall accident, spinal cord injuries are not far behind.  But regardless of the cause, age is a determining factor in how severe the injury will be.

That’s why the following tips are presented in categories of age so that no matter how many years you have on you, at least you can know how to avoid a spinal cord injury in your demographic.

Spinal cord injury prevention for those 29-year-old and younger. 18 percent of all spinal cord injuries for this age group happen as a result of sports and other recreational activities.  Make sure that you always wear a fitting helmet, protective gear, never wear headphones while biking, and if you go swimming, double-check that the water is deep enough before diving in to the pool (usually this means 12 feet or more).

Spinal cord injury prevention for those between the ages of 30 and 65. Car accidents are the top cause of spinal cord injuries for this demographic.  This means that you need to always wear your seatbelt, never drink and drive, and do not ride in a car with someone who is heavily medicated on prescription drugs.

Spinal cord injury prevention for those 65-years-of-age and older. For this age group, slip and fall accidents are the most common cause of injuries to the spinal cord.  Getting rid of slippery throw rugs and picking up electrical cords that lie loose on the floor can prevent you from tripping and landing on your back.

Extra protection should be taken in the form of installing handle bars around your house and making non-slippery surfaces a priority in places like the bathroom and kitchen.  Also, discuss with your doctor about the medications you’ll be on and if they might cause you to have an imbalance that would lend you to falling down.

Our firm’s spinal cord injury attorneys agree that treatments for back pain have come a long way, but that “prevention remains the best cure.”  Hopefully, by taking these practices with you in your daily life, you and your family can avoid a spinal cord injuries, not matter what age you happen to be.

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