According to details from the New York Daily News, Amy Locane, former star of the TV show ‘Melrose Place’, was in a DUI car accident causing the wrongful death of a New Jersey woman.

If you decide to drink and drive, you’re making a horrible decision that can change lives if it goes wrong.  When celebrities make this choice, it’s even worse because they have the money to hire their own drivers or call taxis to prevent drunk driving — a top cause of car accidents in the United States.  DUI car accidents almost always lead to injuries or wrongful death, and unfortunately, this crash is no exception.

Former ‘Melrose Place’ star charged with vehicular manslaughter after DUI car accident.

Amy Locane, former star of the 90s television show ‘Melrose Place’, was charged with vehicular manslaughter in connection to a car accident caused by drunk driving in New Jersey.

The 39-year-old Locane allegedly struck the passenger side of a 2010 Mercury Milan as it was going into a driveway in Montgomery, New Jersey.  One woman, who was in the passenger seat of the Milan, was killed instantly at the scene.  The driver was airlifted to a hospital and is in critical condition because of his personal injuries.

The actress admitted to drinking several glasses of wine before getting behind the wheel.  Before crashing into the Milan, Locane was involved in a rear-end hit and run car accident in Princeton, New Jersey according to prosecution testimony given to The Star-Ledger. reports that witnesses claim Locane’s reckless driving caused her to swerve and “knock down several mailboxes”.  If she is convicted, the actress can get up to ten years in prison after the charges.

Amy Locane is best known for her role as Sandy Harling on ‘Melrose Place’, but she is also known for playing the role of Johnny Depp’s love interest in the 1950s-style comedy ‘Cry Baby’ — directed by John Waters.

There are too many alternatives to drinking and driving, and too often, story after story comes in about drivers who don’t make those choices.  Our car accident lawyers in San Diego want to remind you to make preparations before you go out.  Figure out who the designated driver is.  Decide if you’re going to come home or stay at a friend’s.  If you’re already out and you feel you’ve had too much, call a cab when you leave the bar.  Making good choices before you go out helps keep you from making bad choices after leaving.

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