On May 13, 2009, ConocoPhillips announced it had put its alliance on hold with Tyson Foods Incorporation to make diesel fuel from animal fat, which could be good news for car accident statistics since the experimental fuel could have created a number of potential auto accidents.

Our automobile accident attorneys believe that when defective products are put into a car, it increases the chance of an auto accident occurring.  Car accidents can cause a wide range of injuries, and if the accident is severe enough, it can turn out to be fatal causing wrongful death.

In the worst instances, car crashes can result in large amounts of pain and suffering, emotional trauma, or turn into fatal automobile accidents.

If you are driving a car with animal fat diesel fuel, you could potentially experience a design defect with the engine and the fuel, causing the car to breakdown.  You put on your brakes, but it is not in time and you crash into the car ahead of you, causing a car accident that gives you a whiplash injury and spinal cord injury that results in paralysis.

Tyson supplied ConocoPhillips with animal fat from its meat processing operations, which the energy company manufactured into biofuel at its refinery in Borger, Texas.  The two companies put the project on the back burners in the fall of 2008 after federal tax credits that helped fund the project were cut by fifty-percent.

As automobile accident attorneys, we urge everyone to research what type of gasoline and oil that you put in your car, to avoid a potentially defective product that could cause a car accident.

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