Being involved in a vehicle accident, regardless of where it happens in San Diego, is an unnerving experience. The stakes are much higher, however, when this involves you being run off the road.

You might not even realize what another driver is trying to do until you are pushed to the side of the road and slam into a guardrail or another obstacle. When this happens in your case, you must be able to reach out to an experienced personal injury attorney. The injuries sustained in any sudden impact, including one when you are run off the road, can be major. Whiplash is one of the most common neck and back symptoms that can occur after being involved in any type of a vehicle accident.

Whiplash can be notoriously difficult to identify and many people suffering from this type of injury might not realize it until days or weeks after the accident has happened. If another driver pushed you off the road and caused an accident with your two vehicles or in a multiple car pileup, you may have grounds to file a personal injury claim. If you are run off the road, you may be uncomfortable getting out of your vehicle and talking to the other party.

Lock your doors and contact the authorities immediately. Someone engaging in aggressive driving behavior or someone under the influence of drugs may be more likely to run you off the road and attempt a physical altercation. This situation can be dangerous, particularly if you are in an unpopulated area where it is difficult to get the help that you need. Try to stay calm and don’t put yourself into any situation in which things could escalate quickly. An attorney may be able to help you resolve the personal injury case when you have sustained injuries due to being run off the road in San Diego. No one should have to face this situation but unfortunately, an angry driver could take things to a level where you and your passengers are the ones coping with medical conditions and injuries because of their behavior.