In 2007, the government announced that all cars, 2012 models and beyond, are required to have anti-rollover technology installed.

According to the Department of Transportation, anti-rollover technology could save 5,300 to 9,600 lives every year as well as prevent approximately 238,000 injuries in the US alone.  Our car accident lawyers are primarily concerned with the safety of all car drivers and passengers on the road, so we appreciate the government’s decision to make anti-rollover technology (electronic stability control) mandatory for all cars in the near future.  Being able to save so many lives, electronic stability control (ESC) makes us wonder why it was never implemented in the past.

So how does this car anti-rollover technology really work?  ESC detects when a car driver may potentially lose control over the vehicle’s navigation, and then appropriately applies brakes to the various wheels in order to prevent a rollover, and thus preventing a car accident.

Since rollovers occur mostly in taller cars in which the center of gravity is farther from the ground, about 90% of 2007 SUVs and other taller automobiles already have anti-rollover technology.  And about 40% of all cars released in 2007 already have anti-rollover technology.  There seems to be a consensus among car manufacturers and safety advocates that this ESC technology installed in cars will save thousands of lives every year.

Now that the government has regulated the installment of anti-rollover technology into all cars by the year 2012, the percentage of automobiles with this car accident prevention technology will increase every year.  It is estimated that by 2011, 95% of all cars will have anti-rollover technology, protecting all car drivers and passengers on the road.

We, as car accident lawyers, are pleased to hear that such reforms have been taken to ensure the safety of everyone on the road.

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