Apple is an innovative company – to say the least. It’s known for its spectacular marketing and forward-thinking appeal, especially with Gen X and Millennials. To many, Apple is super cool and packed with that “je ne se quoi” that makes it so irresistible among the millions of consumers who buy its products every year. Now, Apple is entering the car market with its “Apple Car Play” project – an attempt to revolutionize the car driving experience with all the bells and whistles that anyone could want.

Although it sounds exciting, as personal injury lawyers we are concerned over the safety of such innovation as distraction behind the wheel has become a mounting concern for parents, lawmakers and auto manufacturers.

According to MIT review (2/27/2015), speculation over whether Apple will build its own car is amiss considering that the tech giant is likely to aim its sights on revolutionizing the car driving experience with software and gadgets. Likely, it won’t be building its own vehicle anytime soon. Instead, it has its eyes on in-cabin technology. The company’s first attempt has already begun with “Car Play” – basically, a giant iPhone installed right in the dash of your vehicle.

As apple puts it, “Car Play takes the things you want to do with your iPhone while driving and puts them right into your car’s built-in display.”

Even the wording itself makes as cringe. We should never be using our phones behind the wheel. But Apple assures, “You can get directions, make calls, send and receive messages and listen to music all in a way that allows you to stay focused on the road.”

MIT Review notes that Apple Car Play paves the path toward mergence with other pending vehicle technology such as Google’s self-driving car. Eventually, the car will be nearly our second home – and we may be able to truly sit back and relax while we arrive at our destination.

As cars become more automated, we can’t help but wonder: will vehicle technology be an inevitable part of driving as the future nears? Will our roads simply be a new frontier in the year 2050?

It remains to be seen. Until then, we urge all San Diegans to just put down the phone. The new wave of vehicle technology may be exciting but it’s just the beginning of the future. Until we can build cars with innovative technologies that are proven to be completely safe, we have no choice but to drive completely hands-free.

According to Apple, Car Play has already made its debut in select 2014 vehicle models with more likely to come in the near future.


The road to vehicle innovation is exciting. But until it is proven safe, the only way to actually stay safe is to follow conventional wisdom.


With all the Bluetooth technology available at our fingertips, there’s no excuse to be on your cell phone at this point in the game. Whether you use an earpiece or if you have an integrated Bluetooth system, you should always be hands-free behind the wheel.


There are some apps that may allow you to text via voice. Still, be careful. Many studies have shown that cognitive distraction can be equal to or worse than physical distraction. Use these apps with caution and better yet, simply put it all down and focus on the road ahead.


It goes without saying that when ketchup drips all over the front of your suit, it’s pretty distracting. Or, if you spill that hot coffee on your work outfit, distraction is bound to happen. Although it may sound too strict to remove all food items from your drive, we still recommend doing so because in an emergency, it can cause an accident. For those dedicated coffee drinkers, try a spill-proof thermos which could significantly minimize spills, and therefore, distractions. And when it comes to sandwiches (like that juicy burger), it’s just not a good idea. Pull over, eat your heart out, and then get back on the road. A few minutes spared are worth a saved life.


Unfortunately, distractions often lead to car accident injury. If you have been injured in an accident and you suspect the other person was distracted behind the wheel, hire a personal injury attorney who can help you file a legal claim right away. Our lawyers are San Diego’s most trusted law group for car accident injury. Call us now for a FREE consultation: 1-858-551-2090. There is no fee unless we win.