Imagine yourself over the age of 65.  If you go into a hospital suffering from a personal injury, there is a chance that you will not be treated properly for your personal injury as a result of plans to keep Medicare payments the same.

The plan is designed to keep Medicare payments flat beginning in the fall in an effort to keep hospitals from exaggerating how sick patients are from illnesses and personal injuries in order to get higher paybacks. 

Our firm’s San Diego personal injury attorneys believe that everyone should be entitled to all of the treatment they desire and have the best help possible for paying their medical bills.  Personal injury patients  who use Medicare should not be treated differently than someone with a different type of health insurance.

Under the plan, the payment rate for hospitals would rise slower than the 3.4 percent increase in 2007 according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the agency that manages the health insurance program for the medical treatment of elderly and disabled.  The same agency said the proposed rate includes a 2.1 percent adjustment for inflation but also includes a payment cut because hospitals have overstated how sick personal injury and other patients are to get more money.

The plan forces hospitals to be more honest with the government when it comes to saying how injured their personal injury and other patients are.  Misleading the government can only cause more harm than good because that causes more regulation that affects those that really need extensive treatment.

Our personal injury attorneys in San Diego emphasize the need for all personal injury patients to get the full amount of coverage they need in order to allivate their pain and suffering.  The lying by hospitals to the government has only created a more difficult situation for people experiencing a severe personal injury that require extra care, not to mention how injured people are going to get money or assistance to pay for all of their hospital bills.

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