Health officials in Venezuela have issued a ban on Coca-Cola Zero, a zero calerie soft drink, because of a products liability claim related to a harmful sweetener known as cyclamate.

Some studies have shown that cyclamate has been linked to cancer and reduced size of the testicles.

The San Diego personal injury attorneys at our firm believe the companies who make products we eat and drink should be mindful of chemicals or additives that are put into their products.  Dangerous chemicals and food additives can lead to products liability related injuries or wrongful death.  What would happen if you or a loved one has an unknown allergy to a chemical such as cyclamate and does not know it?  Could drinking a Coke Zero lead to a potentially fatal allergic reaction?

Coke Zero was banned in Venezuela because it could be harmful to consumers.

 Venezuela’s health minister said on June 10, 2009 that after government officials inspected Coca-Cola’s operations, they said Coke Zero could pose health risks to consumers.  Cyclamate is not prohibited in Venezuela, but officials said Coca Cola did not report sodium cyclamate as an ingredient when the initial health permit was filed for.

As popular as the Coca-Cola company is around the world, they must follow official standards for health regardless of what country they sell their products in.  Personal injury is possible from these dangerous chemicals, so Coca-Cola should be responsible enough to pull this and other products off store shelves.

The San Diego personal injury lawyers know that some food and drink products could potentially have dangerous chemicals or bacteria that can cause personal injury or wrongful death.  In the United States, foods linked to E.coli and salmonella such as Nestle cookie dough, pistachios and some packages of raw meat have been recalled.

Products liability happens all over the world, so it is important for companies to be mindful of the products they sell to make a profit.  Personal injuris that require medical treatment do not belong to one of the five basic food groups.

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