As drivers get older, their abilities behind the wheel can become diminished.  Senses and instincts may not be as sharp as they had been in the past, and the reduced ability can cause seniors to get into car accidents that cause personal injury or worse.

To help seniors keep the skills needed to drive without causing car accidents, mature driver education courses are available for drivers who are 55 years old or older.  Seniors who complete this course can get a discount on their car insurance for three years.

As car accident attorneys, we believe that seniors should have the same right to drive as a teen driver who gets their driver’s license for the first time.  However, seniors can be more likely to get into car accidents leading to personal injury and wrongful death because of possible diminished senses and reflexes.

Seniors are also more vulnerable to traumatic brain injuries such as concussions and subdural hematomas.  Older drivers cannot handle high amounts of trauma.

There are classes and tests that seniors can take so they can determine whether or not drivers are fit to drive.  Drivers can take these tests to find out about their ability to drive before car accidents happen on the California Department of Motor Vehicle’s website.

Our car accident lawyers’ job is to prevent car accidents before they happen.  Senior drivers need to exercise more caution because senses and instincts may not be as sharp as they once were.  The best car insurance policy available to everyone is to know when you can and cannot drive — it is as simple as that.

Seniors cannot deal with as much emotional trauma as younger drivers, especially if they have osteoporosis (thinning bones which lead to more intense fractures) so they need to be even more cautious while driving an automobile.

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