Automobile designers of the past had 2 major aspects of the car to consider:  the comfort level, and its appearance.  Today, these car makers are gradually incorporating a third factor into their design:  the inclusion of new safety cutting-edge technologies.  Where there used to be space for comfort and sleekness, there has to be space now for cool new car accident prevention safety devices that most car drivers did not even know existed yet.  As car accident attorneys, our main concern is for the safety of the automobile drivers.

As car accident lawyers, we strongly support the development of these safety technologies!

First, cruise controls on automobiles have changed a lot since cruise controls were first invented for cars.  The cruise controls for older motor vehicles were constant speed, and the car driver would break out of it as soon as he applied the brakes.  Today’s cruise control installed in cars is called the adaptive cruise control.  That means it can control the car to auto-drive at various speeds, and the car’s system will detect the proximity and speed of neighboring cars in front, to the sides, and to the back of the car.  This allows for the car to appropriately apply automatic brakes, accelerations, and turns.  The new cruise control in cars will also apply emergency brakes when it senses an imminent automobile crash.  Thus, automobile accident lawyers will start hearing less and less of car accidents where the car driver was unable to brake in time.

As car accident lawyers, we would like to see today’s car have an auto accident prevention system to protect people who fall asleep at the wheel of a motor vehicle.  There will potentially be monitors inside the motor vehicle to detect body posture, eye activity, and head position to analyze if a car driver is falling asleep.  If that is the case, the car will automatically activate seat vibrators, beeping noises, and other “wake-up calls” to prevent the car driver from getting into an automobile accident.

To many car drivers, what they cannot see, they automatically do not assume anything is there.  That is why car designers have decided to address this problem with changing headlights and cameras paired with in-vehicle screens.  Automobile headlights have been made stronger to shine farther.  Car headlights have also been given the gift of movement.  For instance, when a car is about to turn, the headlights will turn to shine in the direction of the road the car driver is about to turn onto.  This will prevent automobile accidents where the collisions occur from somewhere the car driver could not see.  Rearview cameras also provide a much more interactive and safe system these days.  Some drivers who cannot judge distances will no longer have a problem.  The camera is mounted to show exactly what someone staring out of the back of the trunk might see.  This camera is linked to a screen that the car driver can watch as he is backing up.  The screen also emits beeping sounds when the car detects a solid object (another car) coming up too close which could easily lead to a car accident.  Both of these viewing technologies may decrease the number of times car accident attorneys hear, “I did not see the other car,” or “I thought nobody was there.”

The last and probably most important safety installment in vehicles is probably the emergency response system.  That means when the car does manage to get into a traffic accident after all these features have been installed, the car will try to minimize the possible injury to the driver and the passengers.  The car doors might automatically unlock as soon as it detects an automobile collision so that the passengers will not die (e.g., from a car accident fire or exploding gas tank) if the car doors get stuck, which has been a problem of the past.  Also, the fuel supply of the car as well as the battery used to power the vehicle will be disconnected and shut off, so that Hollywood-type car explosions would not occur in real life.

When these car technologies are installed, automobile accident lawyers will hear less of car accidents where improved technology might have easily prevented a death or an injury.  Car accident attorneys have heard many stories of grief that could not be repaired with money settlements, and these technologies, though they may be expensive, could be the key to preventing that grief.

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