Social media Web sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace have revolutionized the internet.  But when cell phones make these and other Web sites available from the palm of your hand, will these distracted drivers cause car accident statistics to increase?

As auto accident lawyers, we are against anyone that uses their cell phone while driving.  Cell phones divert your attention from the road, and distracted driving is one of the top causes of automobile accidents.  As cell phone companies add more options for consumers, there will be more opportunities for car accidents as a result.

Presently, social media sites like Facebook and MySpace are available to iPhone and BlackBerry users.  Many other cell phones, however, are not able to handle these social media sites’ complex coding with their basic internet browsers.  Companies like INQ Mobile Ltd., Samsung, AT&T and Sprint are hoping to have some mid-range cell phones on the market capable of browsing these social media sites.

About 15% of the 25 million “smart-phone” users in the U.S. check these social-networking sites almost every day.  Shockingly, only about 3.6% of “feature phones” check these Web sites every day.

Smart phones allow users to download software which can help them upload photos to Facebook and send updates on Twitter.  So instead of merely sending a basic text message to a friend, drivers can now make wall posts while they should be concentrating on the road.  This is not progress from a car accident statistics standpoint.

As car accident attorneys, we worry about the consequences of new cell phone technologies.  In this instance, we are worried about the attention spans of the drivers on the road.  In an instant gratification society, will it not be more dangerous on the road if more cell phones can access social media Web sites?

In the meantime, try not to Facebook anyone during an auto accident.

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