In May, 2009 Chrysler announced plans to shut down 789 dealers, or nearly 25 percent of its roughly 3,200 dealers at the beginning of summer as it looks to get bankruptcy court approval to terminate its franchise agreements.  As the automaker looks to cut costs with dealerships, could it also be a sign that they are cutting safety measures to keep cars from causing auto accidents?

Our car accident attorneys believe that when a car manufacturer cuts costs in an effort to save themselves, devices and parts used for safety tend to diminish in quality.

When defective auto parts cause design defects in automobiles, they can sometimes lead to fatal car accidents when wrongful deaths occur in a car crash.

Chrysler is not the only automaker who could see drivers of their cars getting in more car accidents due to defective parts in place of good ones.

General Motors Corporation announced that 1,100 of its dealers would have their agreements terminated effective in late 2010 and they want to close about 2,600, or 42 percent, of their 6,200 dealerships—so who will be held accountable if a customer is sold a car that gets totaled in an automobile accident because defective products were used?

Our auto accident attorneys, we believe that manufacturers and corporations will use defective products instead of safe ones if it means cutting costs during an economic recession.  For automakers, that means more cars with product deficiencies that could cause more auto accidents.

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