There is an inherent problem facing those that get into serious car accidents.  The last thing you will be capable of doing after a rollover car accident is find your phone and call the authorities.

So why not let something SAVE you after an auto accident?

SAVE stands for Sun/Java-based Automatic Vehicular Accident Reporting System and is the brainchild of a Georgia Southern University researcher.

Our car accident lawyers believe that this is a revolutionary device that can potentially save thousands of lives every year and prevent wrongful death car accidents.

SAVE uses inexpensive sensors (including an inclinometer) to monitor your car’s acceleration, deceleration, interior temperature and angle.  If it detects you flipping through the air in slow motion, or starting to roast in an explosive engine fire after a crash, SAVE calls the emergency services and reports its position, all through a built-in GPS and GSM connection.

Our car accident law firm often handles cases involving car drivers or passengers who were unable to move or unconscious after the impact of an auto accident, so this SAVE system could properly alert the authorities towards the car accident scene properly for direct fast treatment of catastrophic injuries.

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