“India lives in its villages” – Mahatma Gandhi.  That may be true, but traveling from village to village is rapidly becoming more dangerous.

According to the New York Times, the amount of auto accidents causing wrongful death is increasing at a rapid pace.

Auto accident statistics in India rising rapidly creating concerns for government.

If you think avoiding an auto accident with one of 300 million people is hard, try avoiding one with over a billion people.  That’s the problem that the country of India is faced with every day.  In 2006, India passed China in the number of wrongful deaths caused by auto accidents and the number continues to grow — up 40 percent in five years.

By comparison, China is doing better as their official numbers for fatal auto accidents have been dropping for much of the last ten years.  Rising numbers in India are a result of a microcosm of reasons including a surge in automobiles as well as poor road planning and insufficient law enforcement.

Indian drivers and non-drivers face the same dangers as Americans.  Reckless driving and the increasing amount of pedestrians in streets create an auto accident scenario waiting to happen.  Reporters taking a 40-minute ride on the highway saw various infractions on that a highway going from Delhi to Greater Noida.  Wrong-way driving, an illegal stop and distracted driving were just samples of the greater problem.

India’s minister of road transport and highways said in an interview that “road safety is one of the major issues” the ministry is addressing.  Funds in excess of $45 billion from private investors may increase highway expansion plans to extend India’s 2-million-mile road network.

Some government opponents say that wrongful deaths in India aren’t likely to decline with new roadways, but examples in Brazil already show that new private highways have lower fatal auto accident rates than others.

If you live in a country where one highway has the nickname “Expressway to Death”, you should begin to question how much is being done to prevent fatal auto accidents.  Our auto accident lawyers in San Diego know the problems that American drivers face pale into comparison to what Indian drivers do.  Hopefully, more roads will be added to help lower numbers to make roads safer.

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