Auto accidents can cost you a lot of money when it comes to repairs, damages, and car insurance, but if you are a non-California resident and cause a car accident in San Miguel, expect to get a fee from the state, according to new details provided the San Diego Union Tribune.

Our firm’s San Diego auto accident attorneys are not quite sure what to make of this new proposal because when you get in a crash, the most important thing that should be on anyone’s mind is helping with the treatment of personal injuries, whether you live in the Golden State or are just visiting.

Non-California residents could face a fee for causing an auto accident.

San Miguel, in desperate economic times, is looking to fill its $1.75 million budget deficit for the county fire districts by issuing fines to those who cause auto accidents and do not live in the state of California.

This new source of revenue would be generated from$390 to $2,100 fees collected from those found to be at fault for auto accidents, requiring emergency fire crews to be dispatched to help with medical treatment and clean-up of the wreckage.  Last year, the department dispatched 9,000 crews to auto and medical-related emergencies.

The San Miguel Consolidated Fire Protection District, along with a Sacramento-based Fire Recovery USA, would collect the money from the driver’s insurance company, to which outcries of poor public policy and warnings of upped rates are coming from the heads of insurance groups.

“These are services that should be paid in our taxes,” president of the Sacramento-based Association of California Insurance Companies said.  “It’s not proper to shift these costs to the insurance system.”

Some county officials have spoken out against the new fee initiative — which is looking to raise $100,000 to $140,000 each year — but it will eventually be in the hands of district voters in August of this year.  Our firm’s San Diego auto accident attorneys encourage voters to thoroughly weigh the pro’s and con’s of this new plan before choosing to apply it in their neighborhoods.

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