With the auto industry suffering significantly from the economic downfall, many motor companies are forced to cut costs and stretch ad dollars with reduced budgets.  Car makers are desperate to increase sales but this new obsession could lead to car accidents as the auto industry is cutting corners while operating under bankruptcy.

As car accident lawyers, we believe that it is the automobile industry’s obligation to keep the cars they make safe limiting the design defects.  Design defects can cause car accidents which lead to personal injuries such as spinal cord injuries, whiplash, brain injuries, emotional trauma and even wrongful death.  Any of these injuries can also lead to high medical bills that may force you into debt.

Chrysler, operating under bankruptcy amid a government bailout, proposed spending $134 million in advertising during the nine weeks it expected to be in bankruptcy court, but the U.S. Treasury’s auto-industry task force said Chrysler can spend only half that amount.

Chrysler is thus deploying new technology to calculate its ad budgets and tweak its marketing campaigns.

But if Chrysler is cutting costs on its advertising by nearly half who is to say that they are not cutting the amount of money they spend on the design and development of their cars?  What if the manufacturers are penny pinching in the inspection process and the cars are not properly checked out before they are sold to you and your families?  Could you live with the wrongful death of a family member because of this?

As car accident attorneys, we believe that driving a safe and well inspected automobile will avoid unnecessary car accidents.

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