Auto Insurance Companies, the media (who thrive on “sensationalism” to get “ratings”) and Corporate America (such as tobacco companies) have spent millions to berate and belittle America’s 200 year old system for compensating injured people and those that carry the flag of justice, automobile accident attorneys.  What is different about America compared to the rest of the world?   Many things.  One important factor, in America, we value “people” over “property.”  Please think hard and deeply about it.

So, who is legally able to go out and in some cases take a recorded statement or even a transcribed statement while a person is doped up on medication?   You guessed it, a car accident insurance company.  And will someone else stand up for an injured person’s rights when an injured person is most vulnerable?  Unless you have a good auto accident lawyer, probably nobody.Who may call an injured person while he/she may really be in the hospital?   You guessed it, an automobile accident insurance company.   Just take a moment and think about it.  You may think your car accident insurance company is out to help you, and in some cases, perhaps they are.   But, “recorded statements” and information are for their own internal use, especially in a automobile accident which is called an “uninsured or underinsured motorist case (meaning, if the responsible party has no car accident insurance and since have this coverage, your own insurance company might pay for your damages as if they were the responsible party’s auto accident insurance company).”  Ultimately, they, the insurance company, not you, decide who was at fault for your automobile accident.  Certainly police reports are important, but sometimes they are wrong, and it can work for or against you.

What is one of the time-honored principles that makes this country great in my humble opinion?   We do not give too much power to one person or Branch of Government?   For example, at the national/federal level, we have a President, a Congress (House of Representatives and Senators), and the United States Supreme Court.  But, what is often left out, “juries.”  Who is it that sends crooked politicians to jail?   Who is it that usually punishes a corporation for lying and cheating investors, for polluting an underground water supply, and who holds them accountable?

Are the laws all fair?  Does everyone have access to their legislators?  Can the law be bought?  Believe everyone knows the answers to these questions. Is the United States “perfect?”  No, as the Founding Fathers to our Country stated, we are always working towards creating “a more perfect Union,” and it is a work that is always in progress.

So, if a loved one or you are hurt, when is the best time to get a good auto accident lawyer?  You guessed it, as soon as possible, as once things are said, as the saying goes, “we can not put the Jeannie back into the bottle.”   Is it not better to make an intelligent decision instead of just of a decision?

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