In a marketing attempt to boost visitors on car-related internet ads, auto makers now use flashy methods on their websites to attract teenage drivers as potential car buyers despite accident concerns.

Most Chinese car buyers are the first to do so in their family, relying on relatives and friends for advice when purchasing an automobile.  But now, in the digital age, car companies are drawing in teenage drivers to their sites through attractions such as games and social networking.

The site Kaixin001 hosts a popular game that lets users “park” cars in virtual garages, earning points they can use to purchase more vehicles.

Options like these are geared for a younger demographic of internet users, namely teenagers. While this is a smart marketing campaign, it is not without its share of potential hazards.  Mobile technology and the internet have already increased the amount of distractions for drivers. Here is just one more thing to take a teenage driver’s attention off the road.

Our car accident attorneys have seen time and again that putting young, inexperienced teen drivers on the road will cause a sharp spike in the amount of auto accidents.

But games are harmless, right?  Yes, we should teach teen drivers how to park a car by using a computer program and develop techniques that do not apply to real world driving.  Do you think that sounds like a recipe for disaster?

China will have to develop programs to properly train new drivers behind the wheel.  They need create laws that ban things like cell phone usage while driving to protect all of the new car owners on the road.

That number has already increased, with foreign and domestic auto makers working overtime to meet demand on the Chinese market, one of the world’s few bright spots for expansion.

With the country’s stimulus efforts paying off, automobile sales in China rose 6.7% last year with another 5% increase expected later this year.  It is small growth, but growth nonetheless.

Our car accident lawyers know that unfortunately, teenagers are at high risk for getting in car accidents that cause injury or wrongful death because of their inexperience with driving.  The plan for the Chinese has its good and bad.  On one hand, China is playing a pivotal role in helping to save the global economy, but on the other hand, they are setting up a dangerous set of circumstances to lure inexperienced teen drivers on the road.

But is it worth the risk?

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