Car and truck fires often result in major car accidents, and they pose potentially life-threatening situations.

The National Fire Protection Association estimates that about two-thirds of all automobile fires start in the automobile’s engine or the wheel areas.   As car accident lawyers, we believe that the car driver’s safety is most important, and that these fires may be avoided with some car accident fire-related prevention tips:

  • Regularly check the car engine coolant levels and keep coolant levels sufficient (full if possible).
  • Never ignore any strange smells in or around the car.  Any burning smell near the car while it is running should be immediately investigated.
  • Keep the car’s grill area clean.  Also, keep the exhaust system clear of all possible blockages in order to prevent possible combustion and therefore, a car accident.
  • Keep the inside of the automobile clean of trash, paper, and empty food containers; also, make sure all of the car’s ashtrays are cleaned out frequently and stayed closed when not being used.  Cigarette lighters should never be left in cars with small children.

Following these tips may greatly reduce the chances of automobile fires, but car accidents and mechanical problems do still occur despite the greatest precautions.  So in the case of an automobile fire, take the following steps to avoid a tragic car accident fire aftermath:

  1. Park the automobile on the side of the road as quickly and as safely as possible.  Fires in the electrical system of a car can quickly disable critical power steering and braking systems.Turn off the car’s ignition after parking the automobile.
  2. This will cut off the fuel pump from supplying the fire with additional fuel.  Place the transmission in the “park” or “P” position.
  3. Evacuate everyone (including the driver) out of the car and maintain a safe distance from the automobile.  Even though explosions are rare, heat and poisonous gases from burning plastics and seat coverings can be harmful inhalation hazards.
  4. Call “911” immediately to report a fire-related car accident.  As car accident lawyers, we often handle cases where not calling a police officer sometimes ends up messy and difficult to handle for everyone, and everyone ends up at a disadvantage from it.  Do not try to extinguish the fire alone or try to reenter the car to get valuables. No valuable is worth anyone’s life, not of any of the car passengers or of the driver.  We, as auto accident attorneys, have witnessed relatives crying their eyes out from the loss of a loved one.  If you go in after the valuables and die in the ensuing fire, your relatives have lost the greatest valuable of all: you.
  5. Do not open the car’s hood.  This could potentially give the fire a greater source of oxygen, therefore increasing the intensity/size of the fire, and possibly making the car accident more tragic than it already has become.

Our car accident lawyers have handled numerous cases of disastrous car fires, and our only concern lies with the safety of all car drivers and passengers on the road.  So, please remain attentive to the car accident safety prevention tips listed above for fire-related car accident prevention.  And in the case that it still does occur, stay calm and always remember to value everyone’s life over anything else.

Do not make regrettable decisions in the midst of an auto accident.

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