One driver has spent plenty of time along U.S. Highway 10 in recent winters.

Due to all of the automobile accidents on it, the stretch of the highway between Bay City and Midland Michigan is a place this driver calls “the junkyard.”  The man — the owner and manager of a popular towing company — says he never knows what to expect after a car accident on US-10.

That’s why a Bay City resident who works in Freeland chooses an alternate route to drive in the winter to avoid a potential car accident.

Our car accident attorneys have heard of dozens of icy weather car accidents.  This stretch of roadway is one of the most dangerous for drivers during the winter months.  Icy roads can be very slick, and no matter how good you think you’re tires are, sliding on ice is almost inevitable.

During a particularly snowy winter, US-10 becomes a danger zone.  Between December 16, 2008 and January 16, 2009, 143 car accidents have occurred in Bay County.  There were six car accidents during a snowstorm on Jan. 9 in a two-hour period on US-10.

The problem stems from a lack of a wind barrier during long stretches of US-10, Cooper said.  With little trees to break the wind, blowing snow causes treacherous driving conditions.  And salt isn’t effective in wickedly cold temperatures like we’ve experienced so far this winter, according to the spokeswoman with the Michigan Department of Transportation.

But the icy conditions aren’t the only problem. Drivers need to heed warnings.

Our car accident attorneys have been advocating safer driving during these times and paying extra attention.  Another solution, however, would be to avoid roads that are especially dangerous during bad weather seasons.

Take an alternate road.  It may take a few more minutes, but that is a small price to pay for avoiding a fatal car crash.

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