Avoiding car accidents while running is something that people everywhere should be knowledgeable about. Although San Diego frequently has plenty of enjoyable weather days that allow you to hit the open road as a runner, be aware that you could be at risk of being involved in a pedestrian accident. People can run outdoors year round in places like San Diego where there are plenty of sunny days.

However, with shorter days and less daylight during this time of year, many runners may be on the road and could be exposed to a serious accident. There are several different tips you can keep in mind in order to minimize your chances of being involved in an accident. First of all, always carry a cellphone in case of emergency. Keeping identification like a driver’s license on you as well is also recommended.

Wear reflective clothing and shoes no matter the time of day so that in the event that the sun goes down you will still be visible. Picking up a running buddy is another great way to minimize your chances of being in an accident because there’s safety in numbers. Furthermore, don’t always use the exact same route but be familiar with the area of running. Always be prepared for the weather as well. Run facing traffic so that you can avoiding car accidents while running.

Bear in mind that cars may not always easily see you and that it is your responsibility to be noticed by them as much as possible. Reflective clothing at all times can be extremely important not just for in the dark but also during the rain when it is more challenges for drivers to notice you. Avoiding a vehicle accident could be critical for minimizing injuries and avoiding the extensive costs that frequently come with suffering during an accident.