A California-based food producer has issued a recall of baby food because of worry about possible botulism contamination.

Plum Organics of Emeryville, California recalled its carrot and apple portable pouch baby food sold individually at Babies-R-Us and Toys-R-Us.  The products liability recall is sold in 4.22-ounce pouches, a “best by” date of May 21, 2010 and a UPC code of 890180001221.

The company raised concerns that the baby food might be contaminated with Clostridium botulinum, which can cause botulism.  Our personal injury attorneys in San Diego know that is a serious and potentially fatal life threatening disease.

There are anywhere from 80 to 100 cases of infant botulism in the United States every year, and 90 percent of cases happen between the time a child is born and six months from then.  Parents have to be extremely careful with what they feed their babies.  For instance, due to its high probability to cause botulism, honey should never be fed to babies less than a year old.

Companies that produce products for children need to be especially careful with the products they sell because of any possible contaminants that can lead to any one of the hundreds of children’s injuries a child’s immune system is not ready to fight off.

Plum Organics issued their recall after a member of their action team, Paul Gerhardt, said that “the product did not meet the FDA guidelines for proper acidity level.”  Parents of children who may have bought the food pouches can call (888) 974-3555 or e-mail info@plumorganics.com.

Our firm’s personal injury lawyers are pleased to hear no illnesses have been reported in connection with the baby food according to a company statement.  We hope that Plum Organics continues to be proactive and makes sure their next batch of products doesn’t carry the same illness possibilities as this batch.

As a parent, it is always smart to explore all kinds of medical treatments out there and then decide which one works the best for you and your children.

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