Back injuries are very common after a car accident.  Since your back is such a large part of your body, these types of injuries can appear in many different forms.

Back injuries have specific symptoms, such as numbness, tingling or weakness; however, the simplest way to determine if your back has been injured is whether or not you suffer from any kind of back pain or discomfort.  Pain from back injuries can be intermittent (acute pain) or constant (chronic pain), and it can travel to other parts of the body, including your arms and legs.  The injuries can range from whiplash induced by the automobile accident to major car accident spinal cord injuries.

Lower back injuries are the most common type of back injury to result from an auto accident because it is the part of the back that must support the greatest amount of body weight.  Causes of back pain include muscle strain, stretching or tearing of vertebrae ligaments in your spine and even a herniated spinal disc perhaps a dictionary term.  That is a condition where vertebrae become torn and allow the softer, interior portion to bulge out of the tear and cause considerable pain and suffering.

There are many reasons that you might get back pain, and sometimes it can be difficult for doctors to pinpoint the exact cause of it.  Just remember, that does not mean that the pain is not real.  As experienced car accident lawyers, we have helped many people that did not realize that they were injured which can be due to many reasons from shock, denial, suffering other pre-existing injuries, or even a very high pain threshold.

We recommend and strongly encourage anybody who has been in an auto accident to go to a hospital or a doctor as soon as possible, even though pain from injuries may not come up until much later.  If in doubt, please do not be shy, but take an ambulance ride to a hospital.

If you go to the doctor as soon as possible, you may be able catch the problem before it becomes worse and then work put it behind you.

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