Driving might be perfect throughout San Diego on a mild warm spring day, but when the storm clouds suddenly roll in, far too many crashes can occur. Rain can make it much more difficult to control your vehicle and far too many people do not adjust their speed or turn on their lights; keys steps to avoiding an accident. Weather doesn’t always have to be severe in order to make the roads dangerous. According to the data from the U.S. Department of Transportation, there are more than 1.5 million weather-related vehicle accidents in the United States every single year.

Bad weather can lead to devastating driving conditions, but in many cases, it’s not possible to stay off the road. Bad weather conditions can affect you anywhere including hail, high winds, flooding, hurricanes, earthquakes, rain showers, thunderstorms and lightning, tornadoes and more.

If there are any weather alerts in the area, it is strongly recommended to stay off the road. Extreme weather events have been known to happen and although heat is unlikely to cause an accident, it can cause tragedies. Remember that pets or children left inside hot vehicles during the warm San Diego summer months could lead to overheating and resulting medical conditions. If you believe that someone else did not adjust their driving for bad weather and ultimately left you to pay the price in form of severe injuries, schedule a consultation with an experienced San Diego personal injury lawyer.