Some of the best weather in the world can be experienced in southern California.  How can you not appreciate sunny days and warm temperatures for over 250 days per year?  The sunny skies and free-spirited attitudes lead to traveling on many streets and freeways.  Traveling done in the hotter months — from June to August — can cause something else though …car accidents.

Heat related car accidents can occur for a number of reasons.  The car itself or the driver of the car is both at risk for a car crash that can lead to personal injury or wrongful death.  Our car accident attorneys in southern California know these facts all too well.

Our car accident attorneys want to remind you that if you plan to travel in warm climates, make sure you take proper steps to prevent heat related car accidents, because it is not just rain and snow that create dangerous driving conditions.  Make sure that both you and your car are properly hydrated before and during trips in your car.  This will keep you and others on the road safe from a heat related car accident.

Children can also be at risk for heat stroke accident while in a hot car.  Children’s injuries that are as preventable as these can drive a parent crazy if they allow it to happen to their own child.  Making sure you pay attention to heat exhaustion symptoms as they appear.

Cars may operate in high temperatures, but they certainly were not meant to maintain performance in extremely high temperatures.  For example, the radiator of a car cools the engine.  If the driver of the car does not keep fluid in the car, the engine can overheat and lead to car accidents.

Pretend you are on the highway and the radiator quits.  The engine could in turn shut down leaving you vulnerable to the other cars that are travelling at high speeds on the freeway which can cause a personal injury in a crash.

The driver of an automobile can also cause a heat related car accident.  One of the more well-known heat related conditions is known as hyperthermia or heat stroke.  This condition occurs when the body produces or absorbs more heat than it can take.  Heat stroke is usually caused by prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

So, take it from our car accident lawyers: have fun in the sun, but make sure that you are also prepared for the heat while driving so that you end up at the beach with a tan instead of the hospital with medical treatment.

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