Cars aren’t necessarily designed to drive on snow without problems, so snow tires are a way for drivers to get more traction when those cold, white flakes start falling from the sky.

Not all Americans are lucky enough to live in a state like California, Florida or virtually any of the other southern states that don’t have snow.  For those that live in the northern states where it snows almost every year, some of those drivers might want to invest in winter tires.  Even though winter tires only make up three percent of the winter tire market, Car and Driver Magazine tested winter tires to determine which ones are the best at preventing car accidents.

Our car accident attorneys know that people in cold weather states fall victim to different kinds of inclement weather that drivers in the south don’t deal with — namely ice and snow.  Because drivers in the north have to deal with snow making driving difficult because of slippery roads, winter tires are a smart investment.

The Michelin Pilot HX MXM4 was rated by Car & Driver Magazine as the best all-season tire for 2009. (SOURCE:

Winter tires are a good thing to have on your car if you live in a state where “White Christmases” are likely.  These tires are better at keeping traction on your car which can reduce the chance of skidding off a street or road and getting into a car accident that can cause whiplash or traumatic brain injuries.

Car and Driver Magazine tested four different types of tires that can be used by drivers in colder states.  The best tires (they found) are as follows:

  • Ultra-High-Performance All-Season – These tires are best for places that are just cold and wet.  It does snow, but not a whole lot.  The Michelin Pilot Sport A/S was given the nod as the best of this tire type.
  • All-Season – You can use these tires in unpredictable cold-weather climates, but it may be worth it to upgrade to a winter tire better at dealing with snow and ice.  Car and Driver said the Michelin Pilot HX MXM4 was the best type of all-season tire.
  • Performance-Winter – These tires are for good traction in the alpine regions, but the car maintains responsiveness similar to a sports car on a dry road.  The Michelin Pilot Alpin PA3 is the best performance-winter tire according to Car and Driver.
  • Snow and Ice – This tire is best if you essentially live in a climate similar to Russian winter: cold, blustery, blizzards, etc.  The Michelin X-Ice Xi2 scored as the best of this tire type.

No matter what tires you decide to use, our car accident lawyers always recommend you get more than one opinion when you decide to add something new to your car.  Don’t just trust one magazine, trust a few, and don’t forget to talk to a few mechanics as well.  Get all the information you can because it’s your car and your life.

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