Bicycle accidents these days are no joke, as our firm’s auto accident attorneys will tell you.  When you bike on the road you bike at your own risk of suffering a personal injury or losing your life.

This past week was the Ride of Silence, a worldwide tribute to bicycle accidents that cause personal injuries and fatalities every year, as reported by Arizona Central.  The ride helps raise awareness that bikes and cars must find a safe way to share the road.

The Ride of Silence pays respect to those injured or killed in a bicycle accident.

Last week, cyclists in Arizona biked from Mesa to the town of Gilbert, either due to personal experiences with bicycle accidents or wrongful deaths of fellow bikers who were killed while on the road.

The Ride of Silence is an international organization that first started in 2003, and in each year since then, 138,000 people around the globe participate in 310 events.  For one woman, one of the co-organizers, the Ride of Silence is an important way to honor her husband who lost his life when a motorist hit him on his bike.

At the time of the accident, the woman’s late husband was training for the seven-day, 600 mile charity bike ride known as the Qualcomm Million Dollar Challenge.  He was supposed to ride from San Francisco to San Diego, but the bicycle accident cut his life short.

“His loss is devastating for so many, and quite honestly, I still cannot believe it.  After the initial shock wore off, I knew I wanted to do something, not only in his honor but to help others if possible,” she said in regards as to why she founded Ride of Silence.

20 years ago, on his way home from work, one cyclist was hit by a car, but luckily only suffered a few minor injuries, no catastrophic injuries.  He says he is one of the lucky ones and that every rider has a story involving a car versus bicycle accident.

We agree with him  about being one of the lucky ones because our San Diego auto accident attorneys see bicycle accidents that frequently end in tragedy.  While this event is a great way to bring awareness about cyclists on the road, we hope that one day biking conditions will be so safe that there will be no lives lost to mourn with a ride of silence.

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