The Energy Department is looking to lend billions of dollars in additional energy loans to help GM, Chrysler, and Ford retool themselves as makers of fuel-efficient vehicles, but will this financial help from the government ensure that new automobiles being manufactured are also safe enough in the event of a car accident?

Our car accident lawyers know that fuel-efficient cars are beneficial to the global environment, but we worry about their ability to keep drivers and passengers safe during an automobile accident.

Usually (but not always) automobiles that are built with fuel efficiency in mind are small and not well equipped to protect their occupants during car accidents.  Bigger models of cars have structures that absorb the impact from crash energy when a car accident happens, but fuel-efficient automobiles tend to be smaller, with a structure that is not able to withstand the power of a car accident.

Car accidents involving smaller models of cars can cause personal injury, pain and suffering, and even turn into a fatal car accident.

Our car accident attorneys urge drivers to research how safe any car is — whether it is big or small — before deciding to purchase it as their main method of transportation.

Along with lending this much money for the sole purpose of fuel-efficiency in cars, why not allow some of that money to go toward improving the safety of these cars?  Not only does this make sense for minimizing the damage done during auto accidents, but if cars are marketed as together as both clean and safe then it helps the big car companies looking to stay afloat in the bad economy.

This suggested solution would be a triple win situation in that it boosts the economy, creates cleaner cars, and makes drivers safer on the road.

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