If you were a San Diego car accident lawyer, wouldn’t you be excited about a project in New York City that involves building walled off bike lanes on the street to reduce the number of accidents between bikes and cars?

According to the New York Post, many are unhappy at the moment because this plan has been delayed until 2011, but this San Diego car accident lawyer wants to focus on the positive rather than the negative.  This sounds like a great plan to cut down on the number of bicycle accidents on busy streets in a chaotic city.

Car accidents involving bikes might be reduced in 2011 with New York’s specialized bike lanes.

The plan called for the city’s Department of Transportation (DOT) to construct bike lanes and a protective barrier along First and Second Avenues.  The barrier would carry on for 125 blocks from Houston Street to the Upper East Side of Manhattan, but part of the plans have been put on the back burner.

Specifically, the buffered section will be completed this year, but the painted column to physically separate the roadway and the bike lane won’t be finished until 2011.

Personal injuries sustained during bike-car accidents can often be categorized as catastrophic injuries, especially when a cyclist is not wearing protective gear, such as a helmet.  Since bikes have no protective shielding around them, creating a barrier along the road seems like a good way to prevent accidents and major bodily harm that comes with them.

Working as a San Diego car accident lawyer, someone who sees terrible accidents between bikes and automobiles happen all the time, our firm wishes there was someway to bring a similar system to California.  Perhaps once the project is complete, it can be used as a model for other major American cities to adopt and keep their biking communities safer on the roads.

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