The Colorado House Transportation Committee voted 9-2 Tuesday February 3, 2009 to advance a bill to restrict cell-phone use by motorists after hearing emotional testimony about the risks of calling while driving.

House Bill 1094 would prohibit car drivers from using a cell phone while driving.  Motorists, age 18 or over, would be able to call while driving only if they use a hands-free device.

Earlier Tuesday, the House transportation panel heard testimony on the bill at the Old Supreme Court Chambers of the state Capitol.  One woman fought back tears about losing her daughter.  Another woman said she was left disabled after her car was hit by a young man who was text messaging while driving.

Five states including California prohibit driving while talking on a cell phone to prevent automobile accidents, but those bans generally allow hands-free devices to be used.

Several other states have local but not statewide bans on use of handheld phones behind the wheel of a car.  Seventeen states ban cell-phone use by certain groups, such as novice drivers and school bus operators.  And seven states prohibit text messaging while driving an automobile.

Our car accident lawyers know the importance of paying utmost attention to the road when driving.  Laws like the one stated here, are created to save lives.  Next time, if you think about talking on the phone or text messaging while driving, consider safety over convenience and hopefully you will make the right decision before getting into a car which in the blink of an eye can easily lead to a serious or deadly car accident.

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