Some personal injury attorneys make a habit of pursuing accident and police reports filed across San Diego and elsewhere in California. They use this information to try to find personal details about you such as your contact information. They may then leave you voicemails encouraging you to call them back immediately. While some of these…

Have you recently been involved in a vehicle accident in San Diego? If so, you may have good reason to question whether or not you have a broken arm. Most people are not familiar with broken bones unless they have had one before and the shock and adrenaline in your system immediately after a San…

Traffic related accidents and fatalities are at a 10-year high, since more pedestrians were killed and fatally injured in 2016 than in any other year during the past 25. Despite modern safety technologies, fatal car accidents still occur all too frequently. In 2016, U.S. traffic deaths increased by 5.6% to a total of 37,461 individuals….

If you hit any large vehicle including a commercial vehicle or city managed vehicle like a garbage truck, it is important to stop and get the relevant accident information at the scene. This is because this can help to reduce the compensation that you must take care of on your own by identifying who may…

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