Recent research indicates that not everyone is ready for driverless cars on the road. Part of that could be due to the fact that fault and driverless cars is a complex legal issue. Despite the fact that automakers are working quickly to advance this technology, the members of the public do not feel comfortable quiet…

A new California law was quite controversial when it first came into action, but it turns out that it may have a key role in decreasing hit and run accidents across the state, according to a new study by Stanford University. The controversial law was part of an effort by state officials to provide additional…

A new study recently released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that drivers in the United States use their smartphones as much as 88% of time they are on more that 570 million trips that were taken between just December and February alone. That means approximately 5.6 million trips on a daily basis….

When beginning your search for an attorney, it’s critical to identify whether or not you’re meeting with a car accident lawyer San Diego CA trusts with the representation of injured victims. While there are many lawyers with experience in personal injury, your lawyer will be an important component of your attempt to recover compensation and…

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