San Diego is a beautiful water city, surrounded by bays, oceans and inlets. And so it makes sense that boating is so beloved by so many people in here in San Diego. But unfortunately, boating comes with an inherent risk for accident and injury, and even wrongful death. Although we may enjoy the waters of San Diego, we do so at our own risk.

A recent boating accident at El Capitan Reservoir in San Diego reminds us of the dangers associated with  tubing – a pastime all too common in our city. According to reports, two women were flown by helicopter for emergency medical care following an inner tube boating accident just outside of Lakeside, California.

Fox5 San Diego says that four people were riding an inner tube pulled by a boat around 2 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 8. The riders were thrown off into several rocks when the boat’s driver pulled the tubers too close to the edge of the water.

Medics were on scene to treat two women with minor to moderate injuries. The individuals, whose names have not yet been released, were transported to Sharp Memorial Hospital where they were further treated.

Conditions of the other riders are unknown according to reports at 10News.


Summer is quickly coming to a close, so it makes sense that boaters throughout San Diego are eager to take advantage of the last few days of seasonal weather. But when it comes to safety, it’s never been more important to be cognizant of others on the water and drive your boat prudently. In addition to federal boating requirements set in place by the U.S. Coast Guard, here are 3 additional safety tips all mariners should know before heading out onto San Diego water.

Understand Weather Conditions

Before heading out, check for wave and tidal conditions and any incoming storms that may affect your boating excursion. Rain, thunder, lightning and especially wind will quickly shorten any boating trip in San Diego as well as pose an increased threat for injury by way of capsizing if conditions worsen or if your boat becomes stuck in an ocean inlet.

Know Vessel Limitations

Small boats are not as capable against strong currents or large, breaking waves such as larger boats like yachts. Be careful as you head out into the water, especially if you are renting a boat. Sailors should also be cognizant of vessel conditions as capsizing is often the case when poor conditions are presented to inexperienced mariners.

Educate Passengers

All passengers should be aware of basic boating safety that includes the use of lifejackets, radio and general operation of the boat in the event of an emergency. There should always be at least 2 adults on board of a boat in the event of an emergency and both adults should be well-versed in operating the boat and understanding what to do in case of danger such as escalated wind or edging near rocks.


In the event you have been injured in a boating accident in San Diego, you may be entitled to financial compensation including lost work, medical bills and pain and suffering. Individuals or families are urged to call 1-858-551-2090 for a FREE consultation. Boating accidents can be different than car accidents in how the case is handled. An experienced boat accident lawyer can help you make sense of your individual case. The consultation is completely free. Call us today.