San Diego’s News 10 covered a story about a proposed ban on alcohol at Kate Sessions Park in Pacific Beach, which has become popular since the beach alcohol ban.  Officials say a ban here will only spread problems like drunk driving to other parks.

Since 2007, our auto accident lawyers have seen thousands of people attempting to find loopholes around the alcohol ban at beaches in San Diego.  Is it right or wrong?  We leave that question to politicians.  We can all agree that no one wants trash, loud noise and — most importantly — drunk driving to spread to all neighborhoods of San Diego.

Booze ban at Kate Sessions Park may move drunk drivers to other parks.

Residents near Kate Sessions Park in Pacific Beach complained to the San Diego Park and Recreation Board about growing problems at the park.  They voiced concerns over the spread of drinkers to the local park after the alcohol ban at beaches forced partiers to go elsewhere.

This past Memorial Day was no different as San Diego police believe more than 2,000 people showed up.  Kate Sessions Park has a 12-hour alcohol ban, but drinking is permitted during the day, between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.  Loud noise and rowdy people flocked to the park, and public urination and drunk driving ensued.

Citizens wanted a weekend-only ban at Kate Sessions Park, but that was denied by SD Park and Recreation Board officials because they believe that will only cause the partiers to migrate to other parks where alcohol is allowed.

“Instituting a 24-hour ban here at Kate Sessions could only push the problem elsewhere,” San Diego Park and Recreation Board Chairman told News 10.

Even if a 24-hour alcohol ban is placed at Kate Sessions Park, that still leaves 19 parks for partiers to go to including Lake Murray Park, Presidio Park and Serra Mesa Park.  People interviewed at Kate Sessions said they’d keep moving regardless of booze bans until all options have been exhausted.

“Definitely.  I can’t get a tan inside a bar,” said Chris, a resident of Pacific Beach.

With Floatopia and Kate Sessions Park, daytime partiers in Pacific Beach have found ways to get around the beach booze ban.  Our San Diego auto accident lawyers promote safe, legal drinking, so if you choose to drink, please do so at a bar or perhaps a friend’s house.  And if you drink, remember to never drink and drive.

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