It may seem like science-fiction for a man, who at one point in time could not use his legs, to hook his brain up to a computer and suddenly have the ability to walk.  Well, science-fiction is gradually giving way to scientific fact as our society sees the make believe logic of movies like “Avatar” and “The Matrix” showing up in reality.

New developments in technology have produced the prototypes for brain-computer interface (BCI) devices that might be one way to treat paralysis and give those who are paralyzed a second chance at living life the way they used to.

Our paralysis attorneys know that the thousands of people living with paralysis would love the ability to walk and move around freely once again.  Could this be the paralysis treatment that finally cures spinal cord injuries or at least matches human capability tit-for-tat so that those who are paralyzed are not limited by their physcial condition?

“We don’t know what the limits are yet,” says the director of Georgia Tech University’s BrainLab, who — like many other researchers — seems to think that the possibilities are endless.

At the moment there are two types of brain-computer interfaces:

Invasive Brain-Computer Interface

These devices would be implanted into a person’s brain and allow them to control and move robot devices simply through the power of thought.  For someone who is paralyzed, this would mean that they would not have to worry about being limited by their space and the medical equipment that keeps them alive.  Instead, they could drive the mechanical devices to work for them, in any way they needed.

Noninvasive Brain-Computer Interface

Using electrodes, this device works the same way by allowing a person to have the power over a machine and communicate its movement and functioning through telepathy.  This kind of technology is being used for not only treating paralysis, but video games and military defense systems.

This is great news because it means that while a cure for paralysis is still being undertaken through stem cells and other research, those who are paralyzed will have the ability to — as one of the BCI’s developers states — “Free the mind from the constraints of the body.”  Now that’s something that our firm’s paralysis attorneys would love to see happen.

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