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Mark William Calaway, a.k.a. “The Undertaker”, suffered several injuries — including a concussion — during a wrestling match two weeks ago.  The news of The Undertaker’s concussion comes courtesy of the Baltimore Sun.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has seen its share of injured athletes.  Wrestling, albeit fake, can cause serious injuries to the “entertainers”.  There were rumors that The Undertaker’s wrongful death occurred as a result of his injuries, but thankfully Calaway is alive and well.

Mark William Calaway, aka WWE’s ‘The Undertaker’ suffers concussion at live event.

At a Friday night ‘Smackdown’ event on May 28, 2010, Mark William Calaway, better known to wrestling fans as The Undertaker, suffered a range of injuries in a match against Rey Mysterio.  It originally looked like The Undertaker only suffered a broken nose, but further testing revealed a broken orbital bone and a concussion.

The Undertaker was scheduled to compete in a match with Jack Swagger, The Big Show and CM Punk for the championship belt, but he will likely be out of action for a few months.

As a possible new storyline, Theodore Long, general manager of Smackdown, said that The Undertaker was found in his home in a coma, or vegetative state, on the latest episode of Smackdown on June 4, 2010.  Later in the show, Glenn Thomas Jacobs, who plays the part of The Undertaker’s brother, Kane, vowed revenge on whoever caused his brother’s brain injury.

For the purpose of the storyline, the Undertaker is in a coma, but once he heals from his concussion, he will come back to wrestling.  To prevent second-impact syndrome and cure his post concussion syndrome symptoms, the Undertaker should take all the time that is required so he can return to the ring.

Our brain injury lawyers in San Diego know that fighters and wrestlers put their bodies on the line to entertain people of all ages.  We urge young people to not try to do anything they see on these shows at home.  The show may be fake, but the brain injuries are very real.

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