You may not think that glancing down at your phone for a text message while you are driving would be a big deal, but the fact of the matter is that you can take your eyes off the road for a second and in that time a car accident can happen.

If you live in Britain, that could mean jail time, especially if your crash causes another motorist’s wrongful death.  The British Crown Court sentenced 22-year-old woman for 21 months in a high-security women’s prison after the Brit caused a fatal car accident while texting.  The injured person who lost her life was someone who was looking for roadside assistance at the time of the auto accident.

The driver had no alcohol in her blood stream.  She was not speeding or breaking any other traffic laws.  Her phone, however, gave police evidence of her distracted driving that, under new British sentencing guidelines, requires a prison sentence if convicted.

All to often our auto accident attorneys work cases where motorist safety was put in danger when a distracted driver decided to text while behind the wheel.  Usually it results in the death of someone on the road or, if they are lucky enough to be alive, receive a severe personal injury.

It seems that the majority of Americans support making texting while driving illegal.  More and more states are cracking down on drivers who choose to put their focus on “LOL” instead of being wary and safe drivers on the road.

According to a recent poll, 97% of Americans support a ban on texting while driving, while roughly 80% also support laws that punish motorists who talk on hand-held cellphones while driving.  And 50% said that the legal consequences for texting while driving should be on par with drunk driving.

Wherever you are driving, in whatever country, do yourself and the rest of your fellow commuters a favor: Put the cell phone away until you have stopped the car so that you don’t cause an accident.

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