With the economy in a downward spiral, two car makers, Chrysler and General Motors, have qualities that make them attractive to consumers wanting to buy.  However, the threat of bankruptcy reveals risks in products liability that can cause car accidents consumers should be aware of before buying an automobile, truck, SUV, motorcycle, or any other product.

Our car accident lawyers understand the situation that consumers are in.  These car makers need to get themselves out of a bad situation, and they are attempting to fix the problem by giving great offers to consumers that are buying.  Chrysler is offering an average of about $5,000 of consumer incentives per vehicle.  G.M. is offering just over $4,700.

These discounts are very attractive for car buyers, but there are factors that should be taken into account before purchasing to avoid personal injury in a car accident from a potentially faulty automobile.

Last month, the administration created a “Warrantee Commitment” program to supplement customers of Chrysler and G.M. in case either company goes bankrupt.  The program will serve as a back up to serve customers in the event of getting repair or replace defective products inside the car.

There is another very interesting potential problem with buying a car from one of these car makers.  Workers who are employed by Chrysler and G.M. may be so worried about what will happen in the future that they do not pay attention in the present.  Their lack of focus can lead to design defects in the car that lead to auto accidents and products liability lawsuits.

Opportunities for consumers to purchase cars continue to increase because of the situation many car makers are in.  However, our car accident attorneys stress the importance to be smart with your purchase.  Buying a car because of its price tag should not be the first factor in buying a car.  In the examples of Chrysler and G.M., the risks are much higher than the rewards.

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